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The best tip I could offer for cooking a perfect steak is to take it out of the fridge at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.

This allows the steak to come to room temperature so it cooks evenly throughout.

•    2 x 250g grass fed yearling scotch fillets steaks
•    Salt and pepper

Pre-heat BBQ char grill on high.
Prior to cooking, give the steak a liberal seasoning of salt and pepper and a light smearing of oil. This will give help the steak lovely caramelized crust.
Sear the steak for about 1 and a half minutes then rotate 90 degrees on to another section of the char for another minute. This will give you that desired criss-cross pattern.
Flip and repeat the process for the second side.
Rest the steak for 4-5 minutes.

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