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Note: All Steaks and Fillets cut to 200-250g portions.


Beef Mince 1 pkt is 2kg
Beef Strips 1 pkt is 1kg
Diced Beef 1pkt is 1.2kg
New York Steak YG 3 pieces
Rump Steak YG 3 pieces
Scotch Fillet YG 2 pieces
Topside Roast 1pkt is 1.6kg


Chicken Breast Fillet 1 pkt = 1.2 kg
Chicken Breast Mince 1pkt is 1.2kg
Chicken Drumsticks 1 pkt is 3kg
Chicken Thigh Fillet 1 pkt = 1.5kg
Chicken Wings 2 x 2kg portions


Lamb BBQ Chops 1pkt is 1kg
Lamb Mince 1pkt is 1kg


Pork Cutlets 2 pieces
Pork Mince 1pkt is 1.8kg
Pork Steak 3 pieces


Double Smoked Ham Sliced 1kg
Rindless Bacon (Zammit) 2 x 500g portions


Barramundi Fillet 3 pieces
Fresh Calamari 1pkt is 1.2kg
Local Mussel (Vac-Pack) 2 X 1kg portions
Pacific Oyster 1 dzn
Salmon Fillet (Boneless) 3 pieces
Swordfish Steak 3 pieces
Sydney Rock Oyster 1 dzn
Tuna Steak 3 pieces

Specialty Items

Items priced as marked in this section

Chicken Kebabs 48 Large 100.00
Chicken Kebabs 96 Mini 110.00
Herb & Garlic Sausages 1kg kg 15.99
Lamb Cutlets (Frenched) 12 pc 12piece 44.00
Lamb Kebabs (Large) 48 120.00
Lamb Kebabs (Mini) 96 130.00
Lamb Leg (Boneless) Approx. 2kg 50.00
Lamb Tenderloin Fillet 1kg kg 45.00
Pork Kebabs (Large) 48 Large 120.00
Prosciutto Sliced 500g 500g 30.00
Whole Chicken - La Ionica Size 16 15.00
Flathead Fillet(Skinless/Bonel 1kg kg 45.00
Fresh Tiger Prawns (AUS) 1kg Cooked kg 39.99
Green Tiger Prawns (AUS) 1kg 35.99
Harvey Bay Scallop Half Shell 1 dzn 20.00
Prawn Cutlet 1kg 39.99
Prawn Meat 1kg kg 39.99

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